Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And the rest...

I'm not strong enough to leave this over the next few days. I've just been through my JM posts and just want to get this done.

This was what Rodger posted for me after Zac was born...

April 9 2008

Hello all Mellie's friends.

Big day has come and almost gone and all we have to show for it is a healthy baby boy! Mellie wanted me to update you all on how things went as soon as I got home, so here I am.

How the hell am I supposed to get this Big Mac out of this stupid box? Ahh. Got it.

So, we are the proud owners of a pink male human born at precisely 8:00pm tonight after 9.5 hrs labour. Given his heart condition and younger gestational age, us naive parents were suspecting a little bub. Not to be up staged, he weighed in at 3560 grams, 9lb 13.6oz and 53.5cm, 21in. That's 125 grams heavier than his female counterpart. Bloody hell those Big Macs are small. I could have sworn they took more than 3 bites last time I had one.

Mellie did very well only needing the happy fun gas for about 2 hours at the end of her ordeal. She's very proud of herself as are everyone else present at the birth. Zac's doing fine in the NICU and now that he's out of mum, the doctors have been able to get a good look at his heart. Sufficed to say, he's top priority for transfer to the Royal Children's and looks like he might be having his first op sooner rather than later. They call these fries?!?! Fries do not DROOP!

I left the camera at the hospital, so no pics yet, but definitely tomorrow.

April 11 2008

Zac's post-natal diagnosis is the same as his pre-natal diagnosis...Transposition of the Great Arteries, Hypoplastic right heart, VSD and Pulmonary Atresia. So far there is still no bed for him at the RCH. There was yesterday and we even had a time for it, until a doctor ordered CPAP on an older blood gas, so it had to be cancelled. Very annoying. There should be a bed for him over the weekend sometime with his surgery happening over the weekend or very early next week.

I've been able to feed him a few times but cardiac babies can be very sleepy babies, and so he's not overly interesting. Guess me and the breast pump are gonna become best buddies for a while. I got to hold him for about 20 minutes this morning. He had a bit of a feed, burped, then curled and sighed and feel asleep on me. He's not overly fussed on being touch by the nurses but they all have cold hands so I can't really blame him for it. Its rather odd to hear him cry in the NICU. All the other babies in with him are premmies, and have that little squeal cry and he has this seemingly loud newborn howl.

Rodger made a mistake when he posted too by the way. Zac is NOT 9 pounds 13.5 ounces... he's 7 pounds 13.5 ounces. Still bigger than Jas but only by a few ounces. There are two possible reasons for this... I may have had GD. While I was in labor we were talking to the midwife and found out that my result was 'borderline' and I should have then gone and done the 3 hour one. The second possible reason is our dates were off. I guess there is also a possibilty that it is a combination of the both of those.

April 14 2008

Even though I knew this day would come, nothing could prepare me for watching them take Zac away. I just wanted to grab him up and tell everyone to leave him alone and stop poking him!

They took him in at about 11:20am and its now 1pm. He may be in until 6 or 7 tonight. Instead of sitting at the RCH and doing nothing we have come home. When the surgeon is done he will call and we will go back in. Mum has Jassie today and tonight so we can stay as long as we want tonight.

Hearing all the details about the surgery really brought it all home for me. I'm glad the consent forms only needed one of us to sign them as I don't know if I would have been able to. The next few days will be tough. Hopefully though Zac will be one of those amazing babies that only spends a few days in the ICU. Realistically though, he may spend up to 3 weeks there. What scared me the most was hearing that for the first few post-op days his chest will be left open, so I'm going to assume no cuddles for the next few days. That hurts so much as it all happened so fast this morning that there wasn't time to cuddle him. The last time we got cuddles was last night.

April 17

We had some great news about Zac today! When we got there this morning not only was he off the vent totally but he was on only minimal O2 support!! This is a BIG step as cardiac babies are well known for being overly sleepy and needing added support and needing to be very slowly weaned off it. There was talk today about transferring him today to the Cardiac Ward and out of NICU but this came from one of the interns and the head doctor wanted him to stay till tomorrow. This evening this turned out to be a good thing.

Zac had a tachycardia episode. They define it as a heart rate of 200 bmp for longer than x period of time. There were meds ordered to control it but Zac controlled it on his own. The nurse explained that is can happen when they have been awake for a while... almost like he got over excited. They can't be too concerned about it as we only found out about it when we rang a few minutes ago and they are still looking at transferring him out of the NICU tomorrow. I kind of knew something not so good had to happen at some stage. It just seemed to be going a bit too well. Now we just have to hope that its an isolated incident and that it doesn't happen worse and they need to call us. I could also use some sleep vibes. He's doing well now though so that should help, as should the fact he got it under control himself. Rodger explained it to me like this..."He just want to see what his newly designed ticker was capable of".

April 19

Zac's being moved today out of ICU!!!! Just waiting for a bed up on the cardic ward!! This is a huge step in the right direction, which is him coming home. The ICU nurses/drs work towards getting up to CW, and then the goal up there is to get him home!


Zac was having some de-sat issues and was re-admitted to the PICU the following morning.

April 21

This is partly copy and pasted from elsewhere so bare with me...

They did an ultrasound on him today and it seems to be a problem with his diaphragm. It requires further testing but that hasn't yet been done and probably won't be till tomorrow. He's ok when he's over on one side. He has really good sats. Its just when he's on the other side and sometimes on his back. The dr's all seem to have AWOL there today. There was no one around. Its frustrating because I want answers. I want to know what is going on and I want to know what will be done about it.

And if I'm asked one more time by one more person how many times a day I'm expressing milk for him I'm gonna scream!!! I'm doing all that I can. Of course I'm not going to have a huge supply. He hasn't attempted a breastfeed since last Sunday the 13th and I haven't even been allowed to hold him since Saturday.

I've been home for about 40min now and have cried the whole time. That's all I'm doing of late. I just answers. I want my baby home. Its just not fair!!

Jassie got her first cuddle on Saturday. She is so sweet with him. She points and says "brother". I was holding him and she was sitting next to me. She kept leaning over and stroking his head then laying her head on his to give him cuddles. Then she'd pick her head up and kiss him before repeating. Its hurts so much to think that if something happens she won't remember him.

I feel selfish too. Jassie has started doing things that I haven't noticed coz I'm so preoccupied with Zac. Rodger is doing everything with her. I'm suprised she even knows who I am anymore. Zac is now 12 days old and Rodger has only held him twice and Jassie's only had one lot of cuddles. Stress makes me tired too and so all I want to do when I'm at home is sleep until the next time I can go in.

I'm mad and annoyed at everyone. Rodger for being able to "switch off" and being able to spend so much time with Jassie. Jassie for being too young to take into the hospital all the time which limits the amount of time Rodger can go in which means I'm left alone to deal with it all. I'm even made at Zac for being sick. I'm mad at my mother for searching out the phone number there and calling and demanding to speak with me. I'm mad at my brother for hitting my car and claiming its not his fault (the law says otherwise). We were getting ready to sell my car. We can't afford to fix it to sell it. I'm mad at my in-laws for not paying Rodger enough. Ends are now barely meeting and while public transport is cheaper than driving in its still a strain since I can't get a concession ticket since everything is in Rodger's name since he's the one that works. I'm even mad at Huggies for putting a delicate looking newborn boy on the packaging of their newborn nappies. I think I'm going crazy...

April 23

My poor little bubba. It seems it is Zac's diaphragm causing him respiratory distress. He's having another scan done on it in about 20 min and if it is he will be operated on this afternoon sometime. I'm in two minds about it. On one hand I want it to be something that is fixed that easily but on the other hand I don't want him to have yet another surgery.

I got there at about 2pm yesterday. I really did try to take the whole day off but I just couldn't. Half a day did help though. When I got there the little ratbag was having another tachy episode. He'd started it just as his nurse was about to take out his pacing wires. The pacing wires were inserted to help his heart re-start after being on by-pass last week. They can also be used to help 'pace' the heart if it gets to fast. And that's what happened yesterday. He was fine after that though. I never got my cuddle as I didn't want to upset him after that. He was wide awake for a while though and so I dropped the side on his bed and got as close as I could and we had a little talk. He makes the cutest faces ever. He was focusing on my face and everything.

Rodger and I are both going in today. Thus far Rodger was going back to work this week but since he's had to take Jassie with him he has decided to make use of all the sick and holiday leave he has and take the time Zac is in hospital off. Maybe not all of it but for the time being anyways. Jassie had half a day at home yesterday and for the first time since her last day at home she slept all night. I think it was effecting her more than we thought. This was as well, Rodger will be able to visit Zac more. Jas is in daycare two days a week so he'll come in on those days and every second week he will go in on Friday and I will stay home with Jassie. That gives me a break from the NICU and time with Jassie and Rodger more time with Zac. His parents aren't happy about it but then again they are void of all emotion towards their grandchildren so it comes at no suprise to me.

There is net access somewhere at the hospital and I think its free. I just need to find it. If Zac does have more surgery today I might spend that time looking for it to keep you all up-to-date. Although I do have shopping I need to do so its also tempting to make Rodger take me into the city to do it. We'll pay through the nose for what I need but at least it will be done. Just have to wait and see. Guess it depends on how long the surgery will take.

April 29

He's back in ICU with an infection and having lots of trouble maintaining his O2 sats

It seems to be some sort of respiratory infection. No idea on whether its bacterial or viral. He's had blood taken for a culture but that won't be back for a few days. As odd as it may sound I hope its bacterial as its easier to treat. They have already started him on anti-bugs just in case. As far as we know (haven't been able to get onto his nurse yet this morning, she was on a break when we rang) he is still only on nasal prongs. We were told that he *may* need to go back on cpap if his de-sats continue and he has trouble breathing.

He was fine yesterday morning when I got there but by 2pm he wasn't. Its a very scary thing when your holding your child and they stop breathing every few breaths coz they are having so much trouble. Blue is not a colour I want his lips to be.

May 2

I was woken at 7:30 this morning by the phone. He is again having breathing issues and will quite possibly be sent back to ICU for a forth time. No one has told me any more info than that. I can do this for much longer, I am no longer coping.

May 14

Zac's home-coming has been postponed indefinably. His is still having some increased work of breathing and they still think it may be connected to his feeds. It will be a few more days before we know. If it's not connected to his feeding then no one really has any idea what the heck is going on. We have a date for his second op and that is sometime early August. However, if they can't figure out what his breathing is from, it may be sooner if he's strong enough. I don't even want to think about what happens if he's not strong enough. Hopefully though it is reflux and the meds help, and we can slowly increase his feeds and he can come home. Even then though we are still probably looking at end of the month at the earliest. I've pulled him out of all the studies he was apart of. I can't do it anymore. As much as we hate to do it, next week Rodger is going back to work three days of the week. I'll go in on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Rodger will stay home with Jas on Mondays, I'll be home Tuesdays and Fridays with her and she has daycare Wednesdays and Thursdays. Rodger will come in on Thursdays and the weekends. Its just all becoming a bit too much to cope with. So until he comes home I won't be around here. I don't really have an April baby right now.

June 6

He's tolerating his increased feeds. He's been on 30ml per hour (continuously) through his NG tube, and then a 35ml bottle every three hours!!! His feeds will be reviewed by the drs when they do rounds soonish, but that is the largest amount he has ever had and tolerated, and the fact he's finishing that bottle is AMAZING!!

June 8

Zac has been having some bradycardia episodes (low heart rate). However, one of the most common causes of it is high potassium levels which he has a history of. Its also very easily treated if that is the cause of it. Course it may mean a few extra days before he can come home. Then again, it might not if it can be treated easily. We won't know till Tuesday as his dr isn't in again till then since Monday is a public holiday. We will be speaking a a dr of some sort when we go in today though. I know they were investigating that cause of it, so hopefully they will have found it by the time we get there, and started to treat it. On the upside, they haven't changed his feeds which is something the last hospital would do if he looked at them funny (or so it seemed).

I was upset to when we first found out, but after rememering that he has a history of high potassium and that that can lead to lower heart rates, I'm totally calm again. He has been moved to ICU but only because the nurse patient ratio is lower just in case something happens. I would imagine once the cause is found and treatment started he will go back to his ward.

June 9

Zac is going downhill and fast. He is now on a ventilator as he is having trouble breathing on his own. Please pray for my little boy. I don't want to loose him

June 11

First... thank you all so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers... I think they are working...

Blood cultures aren't back so still unsure on the infection.

Zac was weaned off his sedation today and so is awake. We got there just after he woke. He had this look of utter fear on his face. It was so sad to see an innocent 2 month old look scared. He calmed down after a bit and even gave us some huge smiles.

His is still on the vent but is breathing pretty much on his own. They should be trying to wean him off the vent tomorrow. They did try today but then an on-call dr (i don't really like them, i prefer ones who know zac) decided to see if upping the vent again would change anything. It did... for about 10 min. The vent is still up as the nurses think its best not to mess with it too much until the cardio team see Zac in the morning. He's getting no added oxygen through it, its just helping him 70%ish of the time. It will allow him to rest and hopefully get better sooner.

He has the same nurse tonight as he did last night and she says he is better than last night. That's always good to hear. From what we can see, it probably is some sort of an infection. He has been on broad-spectrum anti-bugs for a few days and seems to be slowly getting better. I know from experiance that bacterial infections that require anti-bugs heal slowly, and the person gets better slowly.

When we first arrived today he was having 2 beats then a pause, by the time we left he was having at least 3 beats before a pause, and even up to 5 or 6 beats before a pause. This is what makes us think that it may be an infection of some sort and as it clears his heart returns to a more normal rhythm. The main concern is that the rate is still lower than what it should be.

If his heart continues to skip beats there are few treatment options from what we have been told. It may be drugs, it may be a pacemaker or it may be that Zac will just have an irregular heart beat. Only time will tell.

June 11 (later)

I just tried to post a blank message that's how nervous I am right now.

Zac's surgeon has just called... they are going ahead with the pacemaker...NOW. As in this afternoon, now now. Not only that but... at the same time they will be doing his second stage op. This was not supposed to happen until August. Its very unusual for it to be moved forward and very rare for it to be moved forward by 2 whole months.

The recovery after this one is usually easier but given how difficult Zac has proven to be, it may be the same. Either way it kind of a good thing as this op turns these babies around.

This is so not what we were expecting, but hopefully it will make our little boy healthy again.

June 13

We just got home after a long day.

His op was down for 7:30 but the hospital were having power problems and so he never got in till 10:30am. The op only took 3 and 1/2 hours instead of the 4-5 we were told. Thus far Zac is doing well and is stable. His pacemaker is in and working well. They are hoping to wean him off the vent tomorrow. His sedation is already being weaned. He even opened his eyes once while we were there. And best of all (even if this is kinda odd and ewww) he's peeing like a champ!! Without the help of Lasix!!! Trust me its a good thing!

There was now a huge gap in my posts. I think things just got to me really bad. I know there was a lot of back and forth about him being transferred and when it would be. Then there was this post...

July 25


*points at siggy*

I'd edited my siggy and put "All being well Zac will be home July 29th!"

July 29


Take a guess what this post was about! haha!

August 13th 2008 (would have been at about 8:30pmish)

Yeah again. *sigh* He's gotten worse over the course of the day and after a visit to a GP we're taking him into the hospital

August 14th 2008 (Would have been at about 2am)

My baby boy is gone. He stopped breathing at the dr's with Rodger, there was nothing they could do for him. My baby boy is gone.

Zac's Story.

This is going to be long. And a little choppy. I can't type it all out. So I'm using the best resource I know that has what I'm going to post here. JM. Somewhere in all my posts is Zac's story. I may not post it all today in this post but over the next few days it will be done. I need and want it all in one spot. Most of it will most probably just be copy and paste from my JM posts. Ok, here we go...

December 5th 2007. They day we found out he had a heart problem.

Don't know much as we have to go back to see the dr later on today, but there is something wrong with the structure of Zac's little heart. I can't stop shaking, this has taken me ages to type as I keep making typos.

I'm also on the phone to my mother who is trying to tell me that chances are its something that probably will not be able to be fixed as we may also need to see a specialist. HOW DARE SHE!!!!

December 27th 2007. Our appointment with the cardiologist.

Let me start by saying that the doctor we saw on December 5th, who is apparently one of the best sonographers in the state should GO DO AN ANATOMY CLASS!! He messed up the aorta and pulmonary arteries thus leading to a misdiagnosis. Guess that's why we went and got a second BETTER opinion.

It is not what we first thought. Unfortunately its slightly worse but only if left untreated. Zac has what is called Transposition of the Great Arteries. However, it is not a simple Transposition and there are other defects involved, such as the VSD and I believe either a valve issue or a chamber issue. The Proff didn't give us too much info today, just a quick run down of what it is and how it WILL be treated. It can't be fully fixed but can be repaired to where quality and length of life are pretty much normal.

We are making another appointment with the Proff for in a few weeks where he will be able to take more time and explain things to us in more detail. What he did say today though, was that Zac will need three operations by the age of 5. The first will be done within his first two weeks, the second at between 6-9 months and the final one done at about 4 or 5. All have a success rate of over 95%.

The appointment today was really just a scan. At one stage there were THREE doctors come to take a look. Zac decided to play hide and seek though and it took about an hour to get a good view of his heart. We then spoke to the Proff and after that went back to finish the scan where the little ratbag had moved into a perfect position to see his heart. Too bad we had finished looking at that.

The girl who the scan was super nice and we finally got decent pics. Rodger is buying a new scanner tomorrow morning so I'll scan and upload them tomorrow. We also got a look between his legs and it was funny. Here's why... Taryn asked if we wanted to know the gender, we responded with we already knew but another peek can't hurt, so we had a peek... "Well" She says, "I see a bit of a penis". Rodger, not skipping a beat answers with "Well then his not mine". "Oh I'm sorry" replies Taryn, "Its huge, so big its taking up the whole screen". "That's better" replies Rodger.

While I'm still worried (who wouldn't be) being told that it can be repaired and he will be ok in the end makes it so much easier to cope with. I will give birth there as they are a tertiary care centre. So I won't be having my water birth after all, but will still fight not to be induced, which I can't see them suggesting as the longer he cooks the better. I'm not 100% sure what will happen right away except they do try their best to keep mother and baby together. The one thing I was overjoyed to hear.

His surgeries will take place at the Royal Children's Hospital but they allow one parent to stay at all times so that's not a worry.

Sorry this was long and jumbled in places. I just typed it out as it came to mind.

That is really all there is up until Zac was born. Things are posted a little jumbly so I need to go through and put them in order I think.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A few of my favourite things

Well a few of my favourite songs anyway and why. I don't know why I want to post about this I just do.

John Farnham "A Touch of Paradise". This song was actually playing on the radio at the nurses station when the door opened to my room when Zac was first taken to the NICU after he was born. I looked at it then as a good luck charm. Either way I now can't listen to this song without thinking of him. When we saw John Farnham last November live I held it together for all of about 30 seconds of this song. I'm pretty sure the lady next to me thought I was crazy, sitting there sobbing my eyes out! Thankfully though, in true John Farnham style, he messed up the start of this song the first time he sung it that night and now I can listen to it and smile again.

Ronan Keating "I hope you dance". This song is everything I want for my children. The video for it is pretty awesome for it too. Even though it does encompass both girls I always think of Jasmine first when I hear it. And not just because she is always dancing. She's my first born. And Lucy has her own song.

Yeah ok, so this one for Lucy is kind of silly but still. I think it explains Lucy to a tee. She's my rainbow. She's happiness perfected. And well, we all love a song with our name in it. In fact right now I'm listening to it and she's pointing to herself saying "ME LUCY!!".

Rascal Flatts "Forever". Another one for Zac. Why? Again, perfection for how I feel. The first verse just sums it up as does the chorus. "it wasn't long enough".

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Snapshot Saturday

Last Monday was Zac's 4th Angel Day. I found this candle in the supermarket and thought it was just perfect for the day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I have to what??

Yay! Lucy got a place at the 3 year old Kinder that we applied to. This should be a good thing and really, it is. She'll get to meet lots of new kids and learn important social skills that will help her at school and beyond. However, they do have one rule about Kinder. All the kids MUST be potty trained. No exceptions. So now that we have confirmation that Lucy will indeed have a place next year I need to potty train her. Its not like I haven't yet tried. I have. Lots of times. She knows the theory. Quiz her on it and she'll happily tell you all about it. When it comes to actually going though. Nope, nada, nothing.

We've tried a few times. Tired taking her to the potty every 15 or so minutes in an effort to "catch" the moment. Nope. I swear she holds in it until she is in a nappy or a pull-up. We were going to try again with the aid of potty training videos for her this weekend, but she's sick at the moment and so I don't think that its the best time. I know she will get it in the end, she's not even three until October, there is still plenty of time. Kinder doesn't even start until next Feb. That gives up 5 and a half months from now to get it done.

While I try not to to compare the two girls, Jasmine was fully day trained at this age. And she was easy as pie to train. We said we were going to do it and she did it. And I was pregnant with Lucy at the time. Then again Jas also regressed just after Lucy was born. Maybe it is best to wait a little longer with Lucy. It might stop that regression. She might even day and night train at the same time, unlike her sister who has really only been night trained for the last 12 months. 

It is hard not to compare the things they do at times though. Jasmine had a much better vocabulary and speech at this age than Lucy does. I do think that is in part to Lucy not always having a need to talk. Why bother when she has her big sister to do it for her? I think in part as well, we have somewhat "babied" her. She is the baby of the family and our last and part of me does want to hold on to the last few baby things she has even though I am very much over having to wipe other people's bottoms.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

So I sat down

So I sat down to type a post but have come up blank. I can't think of anything to post about. Its not that nothing is happening, I'm really busy of late, its just that its not worth telling everyone about in a blog. The girls are healthy and happy, so are Rodger and I. 

I'm finally becoming more organised though. My house no longer looks like a bomb site. Its actually clean and tidy most days. I think this is due in part to the fact that the girls now share a room and we have turned the third bedroom into a playroom. We try and get them to keep all toys in there instead of from one end of the house to the other. Toys still end up everywhere but its not as bad. I do think some of it is also due to Jasmine being in school five days of the week. Alone, neither girl makes too much mess, but together its about ten times as much as one of them. 

Jas is doing really well at school. Reading at a high level. She brought home a novel from the school library the other week and can read it. Blew me away! Lucy loves that Jas can read well. She goes to her big sister when she wants a story most of the time. I love to watch Jas read to her. Its so sweet. Well, most of the time it is. When they are not trying to kill each other anyways.

Other than that I really have nothing to say. There isn't really any topic of late that I have felt very passionate about. Maybe there is just nothing major going on in the world, or I just haven't noticed. I hope its not the second....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School Holidays

I remember writing these at school. The old "what I did on the Holidays" essay. Jasmine did her first one this week when school went back for term two. Of course in Prep there is less writing and more telling the teacher and then drawing about it but she still did it. So what did we do these school holidays.

Week one:

Jas had her holiday program on Monday and Wednesday. She loved it. It was pretty much just all day after school care for her. She got to play with other kids and have time away from her sister. It was clear on both the Tuesday and the Thursday that being in each others face all time easily becomes a problem. For the most part those days though they played outside. The Tuesday was great. Perfect really. Thursday Lucy gave me a run for my money. She decided that she needed a haircut... with Daddy's whisker trimmers. She now has a little patch of missing hair in the center of her forehead. I think she's going to have to get a fringe in order to help cover it up. I can't seem to style her hair around it to cover it. Following that she also got into my make-up. Eyeshadow all over her chin. I swear that kid is going to make me go grey early. Good Friday they went to Nanna's and boy did we need the break! It was nice to have that break and have the time with Rodger. Saturday we went shopping then went to lunch at Nanna's and got the girls. Easter Sunday we decided to take the girls out. At first we were going to find a nice picnic spot but then we changed our minds and instead took them to Werribee's Open Range Zoo for the day. They loved it. Its such a different experience from the normal Zoo for them. We also found out that on Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays kids under 16 are free at all three Zoo's! 

Week two:

Monday was not a great day. Its was Zac's birthday. He would have been four. Needless to say I spent the day wallowing. Tuesday Rodger was back at work. Since she had been good over the weekend I took Jasmine into the Museum for the day. We took the train in. She loved the whole things. Especially the dinosaurs. I think we spent about an hour just looking at them. She was amazed by how big some of them were. So was I! While she was free to get in and I was only cheap, the food prices were sky high! That's where they make their money I think. From food. Wednesday Jasmine again had her holiday program. Lucy spent the day with Nanna and I had a break and some peace and quiet. It was nice. Thursday I took the girls to see a friend. They had a ball playing with her little girls. Jasmine and her eldest get on so well and played so well together. I was shocked at how well behaved Jasmine was actually. She usually tries to be bossy with other kids and last week she wasn't. Friday she had her last day of her holiday program. Lucy and I stayed at home and cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned. When Rodger got home we took Lucy to the park for a little while, then picked Jasmine up. Lucy is so cute playing at the park. She always goes and plays with the water tap. I think that's because that's where the "bad boys" hang out and she's a flirt. Saturday was more cleaning. Boring. Sunday was supposed to be a nice quiet, relaxing day at home. And it was, until Jasmine whacked her head and we had to take her to the Dr's to have it glued. Thank goodness for that glue, otherwise she would have needed stitches and I don't think I would have copped with that.

Hows that for a holiday essay?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its taken me 10 days

But finally, here it is. A post about Jasmine starting school.

She is a big kid now. Or so she likes to think. Every morning during the week now, we get up, have breakfast and get ready for school. I know Jas isn't really that much older than when she started 10 school days ago, but at times she seems older. She looks so big and all grown up in her uniform. Its amazing to see her at school too. She is so confident in herself. I love when she brings home the work that she has done at school. Its amazing to me to see it.

I love picking her up from school. Its possibly one of my favourite times of day. I love to talk to her about her day on the walk home. Of course a lot of the time her standard answer to "what did you do today" is "I don't know" or "I forget" but with a few more specific questions she is able to tell me all about her day.

She still finishes school earlier than all the bigger kids. Right now its 2 hours early. Starting March 1st though she will be there all day. Last Monday she also started after school care. She came home tired from it but loved it. I love that she loves it. 

Although we are only in the second full week of school so many notices have already come home. Even one asking for money! Oh boy! She will even be doing some cooking in the classroom. I love that! She loves to help cook at home so I think she will really enjoy it in school too. They use it as apart of their maths program. Whoohoo for practical application of lessons!

Here she is all ready to go on her first day!

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