Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wiggle it.

About five years ago, just before Jasmine was born if I remember right, yellow wiggle Greg became yellow wiggle Sam. Greg was ill and needed an indefinite time off to get well again. This past week that time ended and Greg returned to his role as the yellow wiggle.

This has caused somewhat of an uproar in some parenting circle. "oh the children will be confused", "he's only back for the money", "now there is no eye candy in the wiggles". Uh?! What?! Eye Candy?? In a kids entertainment group?? That's a concern?? 

Quite frankly I don't care. The only thing I care about as far as The Wiggles go is that my girls enjoy them. When they saw the news on the TV about Greg/Sam they didn't question it, all they cared was that The Wiggles were on TV. They watch both the older shows and the newer shows and neither seems to care that there is a different yellow Wiggle in the newer ones.

I also don't see where it is relevant how much Sam was or was not paid during the past five years or how much his payout was last week. He was not a founding member of The Wiggles. Why should he get what they get?

And as for them being a money making business? Well of course they are! And they do it darn well too. However, I disagree with the parents that go on and on about being forced to buy Wiggles merchandise. Unless of course they are being home invaded by The Wiggles and forced to except the merchandise. I don't know about many other parents but I have a fantastic word for my girls when they want something and I feel that it is either inappropriate or too expensive. NO! Perhaps some of these parents need to try that at times.

Hi5 changed their line up a while ago too. There was no uproar then. All five of them were replaced with newer, younger models. No care there for the confusion it may cause the kids, not that I think the kids really care. No care there for how much Hi5 was or was not paid by channel 9. So, why the care about The Wiggles??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Best of 2011

My favourite personal photos from last year...

Girls at the beach

Jas's first day at 4 year old Kinder

Lucy and yogurt

Zac on a Tram

Girls eating at their own table

Me and the girls at a bonfire

Jas at Disney on Ice

Lucy being Shirley Temple

Girls at The Show

Sending a Balloon to Zac

For some reason no photos where taken in November

Girls on Christmas Eve

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