Thursday, April 26, 2012

So I sat down

So I sat down to type a post but have come up blank. I can't think of anything to post about. Its not that nothing is happening, I'm really busy of late, its just that its not worth telling everyone about in a blog. The girls are healthy and happy, so are Rodger and I. 

I'm finally becoming more organised though. My house no longer looks like a bomb site. Its actually clean and tidy most days. I think this is due in part to the fact that the girls now share a room and we have turned the third bedroom into a playroom. We try and get them to keep all toys in there instead of from one end of the house to the other. Toys still end up everywhere but its not as bad. I do think some of it is also due to Jasmine being in school five days of the week. Alone, neither girl makes too much mess, but together its about ten times as much as one of them. 

Jas is doing really well at school. Reading at a high level. She brought home a novel from the school library the other week and can read it. Blew me away! Lucy loves that Jas can read well. She goes to her big sister when she wants a story most of the time. I love to watch Jas read to her. Its so sweet. Well, most of the time it is. When they are not trying to kill each other anyways.

Other than that I really have nothing to say. There isn't really any topic of late that I have felt very passionate about. Maybe there is just nothing major going on in the world, or I just haven't noticed. I hope its not the second....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School Holidays

I remember writing these at school. The old "what I did on the Holidays" essay. Jasmine did her first one this week when school went back for term two. Of course in Prep there is less writing and more telling the teacher and then drawing about it but she still did it. So what did we do these school holidays.

Week one:

Jas had her holiday program on Monday and Wednesday. She loved it. It was pretty much just all day after school care for her. She got to play with other kids and have time away from her sister. It was clear on both the Tuesday and the Thursday that being in each others face all time easily becomes a problem. For the most part those days though they played outside. The Tuesday was great. Perfect really. Thursday Lucy gave me a run for my money. She decided that she needed a haircut... with Daddy's whisker trimmers. She now has a little patch of missing hair in the center of her forehead. I think she's going to have to get a fringe in order to help cover it up. I can't seem to style her hair around it to cover it. Following that she also got into my make-up. Eyeshadow all over her chin. I swear that kid is going to make me go grey early. Good Friday they went to Nanna's and boy did we need the break! It was nice to have that break and have the time with Rodger. Saturday we went shopping then went to lunch at Nanna's and got the girls. Easter Sunday we decided to take the girls out. At first we were going to find a nice picnic spot but then we changed our minds and instead took them to Werribee's Open Range Zoo for the day. They loved it. Its such a different experience from the normal Zoo for them. We also found out that on Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays kids under 16 are free at all three Zoo's! 

Week two:

Monday was not a great day. Its was Zac's birthday. He would have been four. Needless to say I spent the day wallowing. Tuesday Rodger was back at work. Since she had been good over the weekend I took Jasmine into the Museum for the day. We took the train in. She loved the whole things. Especially the dinosaurs. I think we spent about an hour just looking at them. She was amazed by how big some of them were. So was I! While she was free to get in and I was only cheap, the food prices were sky high! That's where they make their money I think. From food. Wednesday Jasmine again had her holiday program. Lucy spent the day with Nanna and I had a break and some peace and quiet. It was nice. Thursday I took the girls to see a friend. They had a ball playing with her little girls. Jasmine and her eldest get on so well and played so well together. I was shocked at how well behaved Jasmine was actually. She usually tries to be bossy with other kids and last week she wasn't. Friday she had her last day of her holiday program. Lucy and I stayed at home and cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned. When Rodger got home we took Lucy to the park for a little while, then picked Jasmine up. Lucy is so cute playing at the park. She always goes and plays with the water tap. I think that's because that's where the "bad boys" hang out and she's a flirt. Saturday was more cleaning. Boring. Sunday was supposed to be a nice quiet, relaxing day at home. And it was, until Jasmine whacked her head and we had to take her to the Dr's to have it glued. Thank goodness for that glue, otherwise she would have needed stitches and I don't think I would have copped with that.

Hows that for a holiday essay?

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