Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its taken me 10 days

But finally, here it is. A post about Jasmine starting school.

She is a big kid now. Or so she likes to think. Every morning during the week now, we get up, have breakfast and get ready for school. I know Jas isn't really that much older than when she started 10 school days ago, but at times she seems older. She looks so big and all grown up in her uniform. Its amazing to see her at school too. She is so confident in herself. I love when she brings home the work that she has done at school. Its amazing to me to see it.

I love picking her up from school. Its possibly one of my favourite times of day. I love to talk to her about her day on the walk home. Of course a lot of the time her standard answer to "what did you do today" is "I don't know" or "I forget" but with a few more specific questions she is able to tell me all about her day.

She still finishes school earlier than all the bigger kids. Right now its 2 hours early. Starting March 1st though she will be there all day. Last Monday she also started after school care. She came home tired from it but loved it. I love that she loves it. 

Although we are only in the second full week of school so many notices have already come home. Even one asking for money! Oh boy! She will even be doing some cooking in the classroom. I love that! She loves to help cook at home so I think she will really enjoy it in school too. They use it as apart of their maths program. Whoohoo for practical application of lessons!

Here she is all ready to go on her first day!

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