Friday, September 14, 2012

A few of my favourite things

Well a few of my favourite songs anyway and why. I don't know why I want to post about this I just do.

John Farnham "A Touch of Paradise". This song was actually playing on the radio at the nurses station when the door opened to my room when Zac was first taken to the NICU after he was born. I looked at it then as a good luck charm. Either way I now can't listen to this song without thinking of him. When we saw John Farnham last November live I held it together for all of about 30 seconds of this song. I'm pretty sure the lady next to me thought I was crazy, sitting there sobbing my eyes out! Thankfully though, in true John Farnham style, he messed up the start of this song the first time he sung it that night and now I can listen to it and smile again.

Ronan Keating "I hope you dance". This song is everything I want for my children. The video for it is pretty awesome for it too. Even though it does encompass both girls I always think of Jasmine first when I hear it. And not just because she is always dancing. She's my first born. And Lucy has her own song.

Yeah ok, so this one for Lucy is kind of silly but still. I think it explains Lucy to a tee. She's my rainbow. She's happiness perfected. And well, we all love a song with our name in it. In fact right now I'm listening to it and she's pointing to herself saying "ME LUCY!!".

Rascal Flatts "Forever". Another one for Zac. Why? Again, perfection for how I feel. The first verse just sums it up as does the chorus. "it wasn't long enough".

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