Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where is it??

My motivation that is. Have you seen it? When I first started doing this I was really into it. Posting many times a week. Now I'm lucky if I'm posting once a month. Perhaps the novelty wore off? I don't know. We have been rather busy though and that may have something to do with it. 

We are now half way through the year. Jasmine has two terms left of Kinder, then its off to school for her. She is very excited. She does a play group at the school every second week during the term and loves it. She has a grade 6 buddy who comes and does craft activities with her. She is totally in her element there. She loves to draw and colour and make things and so the play group is just perfect for her. I just know that her favourite class in school is going to be Art. Her drawings are getting amazing too. Lots of details. And she's good at drawing. I'm so bad at it that hers are better than mine. On top of developing her art skills she is also now able to read most kids books you hand her. She loves to read and will often read a book to Lucy. As if doing all of that isn't enough she has also decided that she is big enough to no longer wear a pull up over night. We have all lost count now of how many nights in a row she has stayed dry. She really is getting to be a big girl.

Lucy is growing up too. She is now saying so many words I've lost count. Its makes life easier as she is able to communicate a lot more what she wants without a tantrum. However, if she does throw a tantrum watch out. I must admit it is rather funny to watch. She gets so mad so goes all stiff and just just screams. She often gets so stiff she shakes with anger. You can't help but laugh at her doing it. She is such a great eater too. She will eat pretty much anything and loves meat. She devours pork and chicken like its going out of style. Its nice not to have to fight with her to get her to eat. She manages to burn it all off though. Her and Jasmine now play really well together for longer periods of time. Its lovely to watch. Lucy loves Jasmine's Barbies. She is still very much a little girl. She also loves dolls of all kinds and will spend hours kissing and cuddling them. She also loves being read to. Especially when Jasmine does it.

Its amazing to watch them grow and change every single day.

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