Friday, November 18, 2011

Lucy is TWO!

Lucy is now 2. She has been fora month now but she only just had her 2 year nurses
check up today. She now weighs 12kg spot on and is 84 cm long. She was a champ at her appointment. Was happy and performed for the nurse who was very happy with her. Like Jasmine, I think she is pretty amazing.

She has a huge personality for such a little person. She has two favourite toys. Duggie
is a cabbage patch doll dressed as a skunk. She named him Duggie all on her own. Very
clever if you ask me. Her other favourite doll is a Minnie Mouse doll that she got for her
birthday. When Minnie's hand is pushed she records for about 15 seconds then repeats
what she has heard. For her birthday Lucy also got her first bike. She can't peddle yet but is doing a good job of trying. It won't be long and she will be able to.

Her speech is also great. She says more words than I can count. She is able to
communicate her needs to us pretty well. She loves stories and repeats them after you.
She loves to sing as well. You can often catch her singing along with songs on the TV.
She especially loves The Wiggles and their songs.

She has shown some interest in toilet training but thus far has not yet actually done
anything in it. She does prefer to sit on the big toilet than on the potty though. That's
fine by us, it's one less step in the process. We are not pushing the issue right now. I'm
happy to wait until Jasmine is in school full time before really getting into it. It will be
nice though to not have to change nappies anymore. My years of wiping someone elses
bottom are coming to an end and even though I am a little sad she's getting so big I am glad for this fact.

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