Thursday, November 24, 2011

Technology rocks!

I have a new way of posting! Sort of. Let me explain. As an early birthday present I got
a tablet. An Asus one. It is awesome and I love it. I can play games on it, I can surf the
net and I can download and read the paper on it. Mostly I do use it as an e-reader though.
Tonight I also remembered it has office software on it. Which is what I am using now. I
can now get my thoughts down whever I am. Once done all I have to do is email the file
to myself, copy and paste it, tidy it up and voila, a blog post. I love technology. Typing
on it will take me a while to be as fast as I am on the computer but I'm getting there.

I really love technology and so do my girls. When we just had our phones the girls would
play on them. Now they can also play on the tablets. Not so much at home but when we
are out it is great to have them in case the girls get bored and disruptive. It happens, they
are just little kid.

About a week ago there was an article in the paper about a pizza place in Balwyn that
wants to ban tablets and phones. The owner claims he dislikes seeing kids using them
at the table as meal time is family time. I agree to an extent. Restuarants can be slow.
Hungry kids can be very disruptive to other patrons. Letting your kid play with a phone
or tab for a few minutes while they wait for their meal is hardly taking away quality
family time. As long as they are put away when the meal arrives.

Not long after we got the tabs we took the girls out to dinner. We took them somewhere
family friendly. While waiting for the meal they were happy to colour in with the
provided paper and crayons. They then ate. We did have a bit of a wait between main
and dessert. By this stage the girls had finished the colouring in and were starting to get
bored. Now, we could have left them to jump on the furniture, crawl around on the floor
and disrupt others. Lucy was also trying to eat scraps off the floor. Can you say yuck???
So we got the tabs out. Both girls then happily sat and played on them quietly until
dessert came. Yep, it totally took away from family time. I am, of course, being sarcastic.
Out of a meal that latest 90 minutes the girls had the tabs out for maybe 10 minutes tops.
I, personally cannot see an issue with that. Not only that but where does a resturant owner
get off telling parents how to parent. Guess he wants a restuarant full of misbehaving
bored children who will drive away the rest of his very well off clientele.

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