Monday, April 25, 2011

I am very behind

In updating here. Its been hard with Jasmine on holidays. My normal routine has been thrown off. Kinder starts back up on Wednesday and so I should hopefully be back to posting at least twice a week. Well at least that's the goal but as we all know I suck at keeping goals.

One goal I have managed to keep up with for almost two months now is eating well. The results are now starting to speak for themselves. Pants that did not fit in any way on March 1 now fit. Some are even a little bit loose on me. That's about 1.5 dress sizes in under two months. I would like to keep that up for a little while yet but I know that it will slow down. Then again now that the weather is cooler my walks on my days off the treadmill are now longer. Almost twice as long and that has to be helping somewhat. At least I hope it is. I should be able to wear my post-Jasmine jeans this winter and I can't wait. That is my first goal. To be able to wear them. Once I have reached that goal I will make another one. Just one at a time. Nice and slowly.

We had a pretty good Easter yesterday. Lucy certainly loves chocolate. She had a small amount of her bunny from the Easter Bunny but decided she wanted more. So what did she do? She went and managed to reach one of the eggs she got from my mum, opened it and ate it. Total chocolate lover.

Jasmine is now spending two nights with my mother-in-law. She stayed last night and will stay again tonight. I think it might be the longest she has ever stayed away from us her whole life. Both her and Lucy will be staying for two nights next month when Rodger and I go away for our wedding anniversary.

I have an idea for what I'm going to post about tomorrow and so I might go and make some notes about it before I forget and sit down with a blank mind. Yes, I know, that is somewhat normal for me. haha!

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