Thursday, April 28, 2011

Term Two

Yesterday was the start of term two of the school year. We are now 1/4 of the way through the year. Its rather scary. Within the next two weeks we will be attending an open day for the primary school we are hoping to send Jasmine to next year. They even start taking enrolments this term for next year as well. I can't believe she is already old enough for us not only to be thinking about where she will be going but also old enough to enrol her! Later this year we will also do the application for Lucy for three year old Kinder. Where has the time gone?

I think Jasmine will just love school next year. She loves to learn and loves being around other kids her age and school will give her both of those things five days of the week. Some days I think she would have no trouble fitting in there this year!

It is going to be odd once she does go. Well, for a little while at least. I'm so used to having her home. I guess this year at least Kinder is for four hours at a time and that helps somewhat but that's only three days of the week and not five. 

It just seems so weird to me that she is almost five. I don't feel old enough to have an almost five year old most days. Of course there are days when I do, but who doesn't? 

All being well her BFF from Kinder last year will also be at the same school as her next year. As will most of the kids she is at Kinder with this year. That should really help her adjust better to the change than if she didn't know anyone there at all. I believe the school also run an orientation program in term four. I plan on finding out more about it and possibly sending her depending on what the times of it are. I don't want her missing Kinder to attend, and I doubt she would want that either. 

We are both hoping that this will be the only primary school she will got to. I changed schools are fair amount growing up and hated it. It was always hard to adjust to new people. Maybe that was just me though. Jasmine is far more of a social bunny than I. Either way, I still think its better for her not to chop and change schools if possible. It should be the same for High School. With any luck she will make friends at this age that she will go to primary and high school with and have for life.

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