Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jasmine and Tink

A few Sunday's ago Jasmine hit yet another major milestone of life. She got her very first pet.

Since we are only renting and can't get anything fun like a cat or a dog we ended up getting her a pet mouse. Rodger's first suggestion was a reptile of some sort but not only do they require a rather large set up , I really do not like them.

She's named her cute little mouse Tinkerbell, though generally we all call her Tink. Tink is small and very fast and therefore we do have a few rules about her. Jasmine is allowed to have her out of her cage but only if Rodger taker her out and if Tink is then put into her clear exercise ball. They day we bought her home we almost lost her getting her out of the box that we bought her home in.

Jasmine is doing a really great job of looking after her, She has her out to play almost everyday. She does need to watch it if Lucy is around though. Lucy loves Tink! Pick up her exercise ball and throw it kind of love. Poor Tink. Lucy must scare the living daylights out of her.

Every night Jasmine helps to change Tink's food and water. She's being really good about it. Thus far she hasn't lost interest but we are assuming that she will on and off at some stage.

Mice only live for about 18 months to two years ad so even if she does completely loose interest in Tink we won't be left to look after her for decades like we would a reptile. If I wanted something that would depend on us to provide for it for 20 years we have have another baby!

The cage we got for her is a great one. You can add onto it so if at any stage she wants another mouse all she has to do is add onto the cage she has at the moment. Unless of course we can't find the parts for it. Only time will tell.

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