Thursday, February 24, 2011

Age is just a number

Before I get started I'll admit the inspiration for many of my posts have come from an internet forum. To protect the ignorant I won't say where. Now that that's done...

Since when did being older mean you were smarter or better at something just because you have lived longer? Yes life can give you experience but it doesn't always been you are smarter due to that experience. It just means you have had more time to experience things. Being older also does not mean you know better than everyone else and are always right in your opinions. 

I know I have used the phrase "in my day" but to hear/read it all the time is very very annoying. For someone who lived 100 + years ago they did just fine without things like electricity. They survived but that in now way means that we would also survive without it or that we now take it for granted. Just because 25 years the government didn't give new parents a baby bonus when they have a baby (in order to boost population numbers) doesn't mean that those having babies now should not get it. In fact many of the new parents getting this payment were not even old enough to vote when the baby bonus came in! 

Yes, 30 odd years ago all nurses were hospital trained. They never even saw the inside of a university. Just because most nurses now are University trained does not mean they are worse nurses than hospital trained. In my opinion it actually makes them better. And yes they are all generally younger nurses too. Doesn't mean that they don't know just as much as the older nurses, doesn't mean they don't love the job just as much, it just means they were born later. 

I swear if I ever become one of these old folks who think the world should have stopped progressing and changing 50 years ago SHOOT ME!

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