Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jasmine's First Day

Today was Jassie's first real session at Kinder as a 4 year old. It wasn't a full session, only 2.5 hours instead of the normal 4. Next week she has three sessions of 3 hours long, the following Monday another 3 hour session then from the following Wednesday onwards she will be there for the full 4 hours.

She was so excited when I picked her up. I love greeting her. She threw her arms around as a hello and launched right into how much fun she had had. Since the Kinder this year is nice and close we are able to walk there and home. The walk was a good chance for her to tell me all about what she did without me having to concentrate on driving. 

She also received the clothes we had paid for at the end of last year when we paid the fees. She got two jumpers in purple, two t-shirts in green and two hats in bright yellow. She wore them as soon as she got home. She looks so adorable and so grown up in them.

In her group at Kinder she already knew one child whom she had been in daycare with last year before we pulled her out. Rodger dropped her off at Kinder but did tell me that she did recognise him and he her, but that he was a little shy towards her. From what I saw at the end of the session most of that had worn off as he waved goodbye to her. The only issue we have is that she has to see the woman who ran the daycare. Jas remembers her but doesn't seem to be fazed by her presence in the least which is a good thing. The only bad thing is how utterly rude this woman in. Jasmine waved goodbye to her and called her by name and yet she refused to even look at Jas. Geesh lady, she's just a kid, wave to her it won't kill you!
Jas is already very excited for next Monday. I'm glad. I was concerned she would have issues adjusting to a new Kinder this year and miss her friends from last year but I think she'll be fine. She's a very friendly girl and so will probably have a best friend by this time next week.

She has come home very tired though and is laying on the couch watching Tinkerbelle and the Great Fairy Rescue. She may just have a little nap while she watches it and I get some work done. 
Speaking of work, I better get to it.

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