Thursday, February 17, 2011


Or the lack thereof. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are so selfish all they can think of is their own comfort levels and not show compassion and understanding to others. 

Online discussion again. In fact I could probably find a million stupid things said on this particular forum daily. Never fear JM girls, it is not JM, the ladies there show compassion on this particular subject. Anyways, the discussion started off about a lady who is trying to change premmie resus guidelines and make it law for any baby born after 20 weeks to be resused and kept alive by any means needed. Currently they guideline here is 24 weeks and for good reason too. However, as always these people feel the need to be judge, jury and executioner all at once. The lady campaigning for change is doing so through Facebook. She has started a group for it and her, and others have added photos of their precious angels.

And here is where the compassion should come in. Instead of staying on topic and discussing the guidelines, the discussion turned into one about how one woman is "sick of seeing dead babies". Excuse me?? I thought about it for about 10 minutes but had to reply. My reply "You might just get the most rude and offensive comment ever award. For some people the only photos they have of their babies are from after they have passed. If you don't want to look, block the group but please have some compassion". 

I fail to see why those of us who have lost children should have to hide their photos away for fear of making someone else uncomfortable. I'm sorry but your comfort is not of my concern. Sadly, I have come across this on JM. In recent days actually. And it broke my heart that someone found the photo I had of Zac offensive. I've since taken it down. Not because I care I made someone uncomfortable, but because it hurt that someone took the time out of their day to tell me so. The photo I was using was not one of Zac after he died, it was just one of him at one. What was so offensive about it. His scar could clearly be seen. I had the photo up as a part of a CHD awareness siggy. I felt it showed what CHD was. The bitch in me almost changed it when I got the rude FB message. To one of Zac just after his first op. Want to see gore lady? I've got gore.

So I guess this turned into more of a rant than anything else but it needed to be said. For those wondering, I don't know who sent the message, I think its someone just trying to stir trouble. They can do it all they like. I don't care. And just in case they have followed me here, the photo in question...

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