Friday, February 11, 2011

Three for the price of one

A few things to day. First... I read an article yesterday on Dr. Phil telling a woman to stop her young son from playing with dolls. Now, I've never liked the man but that is just so silly. What was even more infuriating what the number of people who replied to the article agreeing with this silly comment! The comments ranged simply from agreeing with him, to a few saying that children playing with the "wrong" toys is the cause of all the issues in the world today. I really don't understand why in 2011 there are still such strong gender stereotypes attached to toys of all things. Especially the ones that assume that if a boy plays with dolls he will end up gay. I bet these are the same people who tell their children off if they play with toys "wrong".

This brings me to my second musing for the day. Debating online. Online you are bound to run into people you disagree with and debate them on the issue. Especially about current events. What gets to me is when someone is so blind that not only can they not see the other persons side but must also imply that the other person only has that opinion due to their age, IQ, or many other things. I know the whole point of a debate isn't simply to agree but attacking someone and laughing off their side and their opinion without even fully reading what they have to say is just a little silly I think. What I do find funny though is when the person then needs their daughter to come in and defend them! If they were so sure of their opinion and so certain that they were right why would they need someone else to come in a defend them when asked why and how they have formed that opinion. Oh well, I guess it's good for a laugh.

Third and final thing for the day. I took the girls to Music this morning. I wasn't feeling the best and it was a struggle but we went. I'm glad we did in the end. They both had so much fun. Its easier this year now that Lucy is older and able to join in more. Her favourite part of all of it was clapping when each song was over. Jassie loved the dancing the most. I love that's its cheap as chips too. $5 for the session which includes 30-40 min of singing, dancing and playing instruments, snack, and playtime after. Unlike playgroup where you pay for the whole term, we only pay if we attend the session. I like that. It means if you can't make it each week, you don't pay for that week. Its held at the local church but you don't need to attend the church in order to attend the Music sessions. What I think I really like the most is how friendly everyone is. I don't feel left out, or left on my own like I did at playgroup. I also like that its a group thing and not simply a hall filled with toys and kids left to play on their own. Both girls get so much more out of an hour long Music session than they ever did out of play group. Can't wait to go back next week!

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