Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The First

Ahhh my first post and I have nothing to say other than it has taken me almost an hour to get this set up. Between not fully knowing what I'm doing, getting Lucy a snack, and the net dropping out every 30 seconds or so its been a hard hour. I'm not really sure what I'll be posting about. Possible just random dribble that forms in my mind. Updates on my life, that sort of dribble.

It would be nice if I had more to say but right now I don't. The only really interesting thing happening right now is Lucy is dancing to New MacDonald's Farm on the TV with Dance and Shout Elmo. Its very cute. Jasmine is at work with Rodger today and thus Lucy has the living room to herself. Actually she has the whole house to herself really. I think she enjoys the break from her big sister. She can play with what she wants for as long as she wants without Jasmine coming along and taking the toy in question away from her. She also gets the one on one Mummy time that she deserves. Its especially good now she is down to one nap a day.

Well I think that might enough dribble for the first post.

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