Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Big Fat Nothing

And I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about what I have to say today. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Someone has come along and sucked all the creative juices from my body. I'm speechless. Haha there's a first!

There is an add for an insurance company on TV. Its about a woman who writes a blog post about how she saw these shoes she liked but can't afford them until... her insurance company texts her at just the right time to tell her her claim has gone through. Thus she then buys the shoes. The narrative is the blog post. Its all tiny little sentences that don't make much sense at all. 

There is another add I totally love. I can't even remember what it is for. I guess they won't be getting me as a customer but anyway. A little boy of about 5 goes up to his grandmother proudly showing her that he's lost a tooth. Grandma tell him that if he puts it under his pillow he'll get a dollar from the tooth fairy. (Clearly Grandma is up on inflation!) Cut to the boy getting out of bed and sneaking into Grandma's room. He plucks her false teeth from the glass by her bed and goes and puts them under her pillow. Genius that kid is! Total genius! And when he grows up he is clearly also going to be a very rich man. 

So I guess my big fat nothing turned into a post about two adds on TV. You could probably describe most adds on TV as big fat nothings so I guess I did keep up with my original theme. Sure its not much but at least its a post. That makes three days in a row I have managed a post. That has to be a record.

Before I go an update to Monday post about my running. I DID IT! I RAN FOR 9 MINUTES THIS MORNING!!!

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