Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Mac or not to Mac

Am I talking about computers?
Am I talking in a baby voice and talking about smacking?

I'm talking about MacDonalds. Not the old fellow with the farm. The clown with the restaurant.The Golden Arches. Whatever you want to call it.

While eating my breakfast yesterday, I was reading a blog by a journalist. She had received an email from a parent of a three year old asking if it was ok to say no to another parent about her child attending a birthday party because the party was to be held at McD's. The blogger never gave her opinion but left the comments open for discussion. The comments ranged from both ends of the spectrum. They ranged range some saying how terrible McD's is and anyone who even thinks about taking their kids no matter how rarely is abusing their kids, to others saying that those who are "Food Nazi's" are abusing their kids.

Lets face it. We all know McD's is bad for you. In large amounts eaten often. Eaten rarely in smaller portions, while still not the best choice its ok to have. I don't see the issue in having kids birthday parties there. Its cheap, everything is provided and there is no clean up for the parents. In fact Jasmine recently went to one and loved it. So much so that chance are this year her party will be there. Its a treat. Besides at 3 and 4, kids just don't sit for long enough to eat any more than a few bites before they want to run off and play again.

Take away of any kind has not come into this house in over three weeks now. (Yay us!) However, in just over 2 weeks, we will be having McD's for lunch. It will be Zac's 3rd birthday and has he's not here to celebrate with us, we celebrate for him. McD's is a memory of Zac. Especially since we were eating it upwards of 2-3 times a week while he was at the children's hospital. Eating that often is bad for you and will make you gain weight. I speak from personal experience here.

While on the topic of Zac... We made a hefty donation yesterday to the Good Friday Appeal. Yarra Trams had available 80 spots for photos of people to go on their trams. I sent in Zac's photo. I'm about 90% sure I was one of the first 80. If they don't use him we'll get a refund n the money but as far as I know that hasn't happened. Of course I haven't heard back from Yarra Trams yet either so I don't know for sure either way. I really do hope they use his photo. It's a great cause to support and we do support it mainly for him.

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