Friday, March 25, 2011

We are dependent on it.

Electricity. I never noticed how much we rely on it till this morning. I suppose you never really know what you have until its gone. 

We woke early this morning to Jasmine screaming. Rodger raced into her room to see what the issue was. Her night light had gone out. I looked over to see what the time was only to see darkness. Where was that red glow of the alarm? Was I blind? Nope, the power had gone out. Rodger got Jassie a little LED light and she was happy. We fumbled around for our phones to check the time. It was a little after 6. 

Luckily thanks to technology we were able to look up on our phones what was going on. There was a major outage in the area and it could be hours before it came back on.

Not long later Jasmine we heard Jasmine walk down the hallway to the toilet. We are so used to power and lights that when she got there she tried to turn the light on! It was actually rather funny. I did the same thing a half hour later. Tried to turn the light on. It had Rodger in stitches. 

It took Jasmine a little bit to fully understand that without power not only did the lights not work but neither did the TV. Poor kid. It totally changed her normal morning routine. She's used to having her morning up and go while watching her shows. She wasn't quite sure what was happening.

Yay for gas cooking though. It was freezing this morning and since we had no power we also had no heating. At least with gas cooking we were able to have pancakes for breakfast. Yummy and hot. Only thing that was going to be missing was my morning cup of tea. :( 

I was sitting in bed reading waiting for my pancake when I heard Jasmine tell Rodger she was just going to test the lights again to see if the power had come back on. Instead of her playing with the lights every few minutes Rodger told her that he would turn the kitchen light on and when it came on Jasmine would know that the power was back. No sooner had he gotten done saying that than what happened? The power came back on!! Good timing. I got to have my cup of tea after all.

Jasmine was also happy the power was back as it meant all the lights worked again. I really did feel sorry for her when she first woke up as she is afraid of the dark. When she'd gone to sleep last night her night light had been on and so she assumed that when she woke up this morning her night light would still be on and it wasn't. She got such a fright. Thank goodness for those little LED lights!

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